Mayiclaim's Accident Compensation Solicitors in Scotland

Mayiclaim's solicitors offer an expert, independent service to accident victims in Scotland who are looking to make a claim for compensation. No Win, No Fee may be available. We'll make sure you get the right solicitor for the type of accident, industrial disease, or medical negligence, that you have suffered.
Posted on March 20, 2018   By MIC_Admin

At Mayiclaim we believe in putting our clients’ needs first. That means pairing our client with a solicitor that is an expert in the area of compensation that our client needs help with. So, for instance if we are approached by someone suffering from an asbestos related illness and who wishes to make a claim for asbestos disease compensation, then we will put them in hands of our specialist asbestos disease solicitors. We only work with solicitors that we have known and worked with over many years or whom other lawyers that we trust have recommended to us as being experts in their field.

We believe that getting the best solicitor on the job, for our client, is more important than providing the nearest solicitor to where the client lives. In these days of electronic and digital communication, having a solicitor around the corner dealing with your claim, is not a necessity – finding the right solicitor to deal with your claim is.

However, if you have had an accident in Scotland, it is important to ensure that you use a Scottish personal injury compensation solicitor (or Scottish industrial disease compensation solicitor, Scottish medical negligence compensation solicitors and so on, as appropriate to the particular compensation claim you need to make). This applies to those who live in Scotland, as well as to visitors to Scotland in the case of car accidents, trips and slips in a public place, medical negligence in a Scottish Hospital or Scottish doctors or dentists surgery and other serious accidents taking place within Scotland.

The reason for all this, is that whilst England and Wales share the same legal system, Scotland has its own. Although the two systems do share many characteristics, they are in fact quite distinct from each other. Without going into the legal technicalities of the differences, suffice to say that it would be foolhardy in our opinion to use an English or Welsh solicitor to conduct your personal injury compensation claim if it arose in Scotland. Whilst they might be able to negotiate settlement of a claim that occurred in Scotland, if the negotiations were to break down, then an English or Welsh solicitor would not be able to bring court proceedings in Scotland or even threaten to bring them. By removing the solicitors power to start court proceedings it really does reduce the effectiveness of using the solicitor in the first place as the insurance company that you are trying to get compensation from, know that they have you and your solicitor over a barrel.

So, should you use a Scottish solicitor for an accident compensation claim where the incident took place in Scotland? Absolutely - the answer is a massive ‘Yes’. There are some superb solicitor’s firms in Scotland and the good news is that we use some of the very best Scottish accident solicitors to help our clients claim compensation from accident claims in Scotland. We work with top quality

  • 1.Glasgow solicitors
  • 2.Edinburgh solicitors
  • 3.Dundee solicitors
  • 4.North Berwick solicitors;

whose expertise covers;

  • Road Traffic Accidents
  • Accidents at Work
  • Slips and trips (public liability and occupiers liability)
  • Medical and clinical negligence
  • Industrial disease
  • Catastrophic and fatal accidents
  • Accidents abroad
  • Travel claims

In many cases our Scottish personal injury claims solicitors can take your case on a No Win, No Fee basis meaning that the stress about how you finance your case is taken away from you, because you will only pay anything towards your fess in such cases where our solicitors recover compensation for you.

At Mayiclaim we are known for our expertise in asbestos disease claims and therefore as you would expect of us, we work with some of Scotland’s top asbestos disease compensation solicitors.

Whatever type of compensation claim you are looking to pursue in Scotland, you can rest assured that Mayiclaim can place you in the safe hands of some of Scotland’s finest compensation solicitors. Whether you need a Scottish accident compensation solicitor because you are a resident of Scotland and have suffered an accident that wasn’t your fault or because you were a visitor to Scotland when your accident happened, contact Mayiclaim on 0800 756 7774 or leave your details in the boxes on the left hand margin of this page, or at our Contact Us page and we will ensure that we get back to you quickly.