Sepsis Compensation Claims

Sepsis can cause life-changing complications or death if misdiagnosed or treated incorrectly. All sepsis claims need to be handled by expert solicitors.
Posted on October 16, 2017   By MIC_Admin

Sepsis is a disease you may never heard of, yet it kills 44,000 British people per year. It is more common than heart attacks and is responsible for more deaths than bowel, breast and prostate cancer combined.

Over 150,000 people develop sepsis every year in the UK. Of those that survive, over 26,500 suffer life-changing disabilities such as amputations and organ failure.

What makes the condition deadlier is that, despite its prevalence, few people know or recognise the symptoms and GPs often fail to diagnose it fast enough.

Dr Ron Daniels, chief executive of the UK Sepsis Trust, told the Mirror newspaper, “We could save 12,500 lives a year and improve the quality of life for another 100,000 survivors just by recognising sepsis earlier and delivering good basic care.”

If healthcare professionals fail to recognise sepsis or the condition results from poor hospital care, you may be able to claim compensation for clinical negligence.

What is sepsis?

Sepsis, or blood poisoning, occurs when the body is forced to fight a severe infection that has spread via the bloodstream. The body’s chemicals which are released into the blood to fight the infection cause widespread inflammation throughout the body. Not only can this chain of events lead to blood clots and leaky blood vessels, but it can also result in poor blood flow to vital organs, causing them to be deprived of oxygen and other nutrients, eventually failing. This can lead to death if not treated quickly.

What are the symptoms of sepsis?

Sepsis can affect children and adults.

Symptoms in children under five years

If a child under five years has any of the following symptoms, then according to the NHS website, they should be taken straight to A&E

  • looks mottled, bluish or pale
  • very lethargic or difficult to wake
  • feels abnormally cold to touch
  • having a major operation
  • a lengthy stay in hospital
  • having diabetes
  • poverty and/or poor nutrition
  • being exposed to devices like intravenous catheters, urinary catheters, or breathing tubes, which can introduce bacteria into the body

What are the complications caused by septic shock?

Septic shock can cause several complications, including:

  • heart failure
  • abnormal blood clotting
  • kidney failure
  • respiratory failure
  • stroke
  • liver failure
  • removal of a section of bowel

The severity of these complications will depend on many factors, including the patients age, any pre-existing health conditions, the cause and origin of sepsis within the body and how soon treatment was given.

How can I claim complication for complications caused by sepsis?

According to the NHS, management of sepsis involves three tests and treatments. These are known as the ‘sepsis six’:


  • taking blood cultures – to discover what bacteria is causing the sepsis
  • taking a blood sample – to determine how severe the case is
  • monitoring your urine output – to assess severity and kidney function


  • administering antibiotics
  • providing fluid intravenously
  • giving oxygen

This course of action should be administered within an hour of sepsis being diagnosed.
If adequate treatment for sepsis has not been given, or sepsis was misdiagnosed or undiagnosed, and this has resulted in you suffering physical or mental damage, you may be able to claim compensation from the NHS Trust or private clinic responsible for your care.
The first step towards claiming compensation for sepsis is to find an experienced clinical negligence solicitor who can advise and represent you.

Sepsis is a brutal condition that can ruin lives. Compensation can help you access rehabilitation and fund the care you need to repair the damage sepsis can ravage.

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