Neighbour Disputes

Although most disputes with neighbours can be sorted out amicably, there are others which can’t and need some professional help with.

Neighbour disputes are actually very common and include things such as:

  • Boundary disputes - if a dispute cannot be resolved after checking the property title deeds you may be able to take action
  • Shared amenities - this is where there are disputes over who is responsible for the maintenance of facilities which are shared between homeowners such as driveways or fences etc
  • Right of way disputes - these usually occur when one or both neighbours either have excessive use of the ‘right of way’, or fail to maintain or repair a right of way
  • Trees and hedges - overhanging trees and overgrown hedges cause many issues with neighbours

We would always recommend trying to resolve issues with neighbours by speaking to them first. If in rented property, the other course of action would be to contact your landlord or local council. If a resolution cannot be agreed, then you should give us a call.

Dispute Resolution Solicitors

If you have problems with your neighbours that you cannot resolve Mayiclaim may be able to help you reach a settlement.

In almost all cases, if we are able to recommend a solicitor to assist with your neighbour dispute problem, the solicitors are likely to only act for you on a private fee paying basis, although should litigation ensue, it might be possible for them to recover some or all of your fees from the other party, if you are successful. Simply complete our enquiry form (on the right), providing brief details of the nature of the dispute and we will get back in touch with you.

Contact Mayiclaim

If you have problems with your neighbours that you cannot resolve, please fill out our Quick Claim Form and one of our fully trained friendly advisors will get back to you. They will be able to offer you helpful advice and a free consultation about your neighbour dispute.

If you then decide to proceed we will assign you a specialist solicitor with a wealth of neighbourhood dispute experience.


Mr Wheeler of Tyneside

"After completing one of their forms online I was quickly called back by their own solicitor. He was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave me instant advice about what I should do next. I am very pleased with the service from Mayiclaim so far. I would certainly recommend them."

Mr Harper of Huntingdon.

"Mayiclaim have been helpful, effective, efficient and highly professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mayiclaim should you ever need expert help or advice."


"After coming to a standpoint in my negotiations, I approached Carl at Mayiclaim. His advice and guidance, and letter helped my case tremendously and I ended up with an extremely positive result, which I knew I wouldn't have reached without Mayiclaim's help."