Birth Negligence Claims

For the vast majority of women in the UK they do not incur any problems during pregnancy or birth. However, when something does go wrong it can be very serious for either the mother or the baby.

Birth injuries can occur during pregnancy and labour, and also following the birth. This section covers injuries that can happen during the birth itself. The most common types of injuries suffered during labour and childbirth are:

Cerebral Palsy

This is caused when the baby has a lack of oxygen during delivery.

Episiotomy injuries

This is a surgical incision which made to make the baby’s delivery easier. If the surgeon thinks the baby is in distress, or that the mother’s skin may tear they may perform an episiotomy. When performed incorrectly, or when not performed at all when it was clearly needed, can lead to second or third degree tears and other problems.

Forceps or Ventouse delivery injuries

During the delivery of your baby it is sometimes necessary for the medical team to give you some assistance to help the baby through the birth canal. This is called an ‘assisted birth’ and would involve the use of either forceps or ventouse instruments. They would give an assisted delivery if you were not able to push during the birth or if they were concerned about the well being of either you or your baby during labour or birth.

A ventouse uses suction and is attached to the baby’s head. When you have a contraction the midwife or doctor will pull gently to help deliver the baby.

Forceps are curved and designed to fit around the baby’s head. This instrument is positioned so that when there is a contraction the midwife or doctor can gently pull which helps the baby to be born.

The choice of which instrument to use is down to the medical professional at the birth, as only they will know which tool to use.

If, however, they make the wrong choice it can cause injury to the baby. They may suffer scarring to the head or face, or in some cases there is nerve damage which causes the baby’s face to droop on one side.

NO WIN NO FEE Solicitors for Birth Injury Claims

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