Pesticide Compensation

Despite the fact that pesticides are most commonly used in agriculture, they can also be found elsewhere. For example, certain pesticides are contained within slug pellets, ant powder, weed killers, and rat baits.

Whilst the main purpose of pesticides is to control pests, insects, fungus, and mould, they pose an ever-present risk to humans if touched, ingested, or inhaled. Symptoms of pesticide exposure include abdominal pain, skin disorders, dizziness, headaches, respiratory problems, and vomiting.

For this reason, anyone tasked with handling pesticides should be properly trained, wear Personal Protective Equipment, and advise others about the dangers that exist. If they fail to do so and you suffer from pesticide poisoning, you may be able to claim compensation. 

How to claim compensation

To find out whether you have a valid case for pesticide poisoning compensation, get in touch with Mayiclaim as soon as possible. We will discuss your circumstances and assign you with a solicitor if somebody else’s negligence caused your illness or injury.

Mayiclaim are an independent organisation, and therefore have the freedom to choose the very best solicitor for the job, selected from a panel of specialists up and down the country. This also enables us to offer you a no-win-no-fee agreement.

Therefore, if we are unsuccessful with your claim for any reason, you will not have to pay any expensive legal fees. 

How to contact Mayiclaim

You have two ways to get in touch with us. First is to call Mayiclaim directly on freephone number 0800 756 7774. Alternatively, fill out our Quick Claim Form with details about your situation and a member of staff will call you back.

In either case, one of our fully trained and friendly advisers will be on hand to offer you a free consultation with no obligation to take your case further using Mayiclaim. 


Mr Wheeler of Tyneside

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Mr Harper of Huntingdon.

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