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Road traffic accidents in Britain happen every day and in large numbers. The sheer number of people that now use the road means that whilst road safety measures are seeing some casualty figures come down over the past few years, there is no room for complacency . Whether you drive a car, ride a bicycle, or ride a motorbike, being involved in any kind of accident can cause a wide range of injuries and not just whiplash which seems to dominate the news headlines. If you suffer from back injury or any of a range of other physical complaints caused by an accident that was not your fault then you can seek compensation to help get your life back on track.

Back injuries can have a serious effect on your life. They can prevent you from going to work, stop you from sleeping, and even make sitting and relaxing both uncomfortable and painful. Doctors will prescribe painkillers and possibly anti-inflammatory drugs depending on the type of back injury you have sustained and it may also be necessary to visit a physiotherapist or other medical professional in order to receive the kind of treatment that will you get you back on your feet, literally!

Back injuries are a relatively common form of injury and they can be caused as a result of many different types of accident. Road traffic accidents are one of the more common causes of such injuries and they can cause a range of other problems too. Depending on how severe the accident and the resulting back injury is you could stand to claim several thousands of pounds in compensation.

A road traffic accident back injury needs to be treated properly and efficiently according to your GP’s advice and treatment. Left unattended or if not treated properly, they can worsen considerably and you could suffer pain and discomfort in your back for many years to come. Often, a part of this treatment, is to avoid strenuous exercise or even sitting in the same position for any period of time. This will almost inevitably mean time off work which can lead to a loss in earnings.

Mayiclaim is passionate about providing innocent accident victims with the compensation they deserve. We choose the solicitors that we recommend each client to, from a panel of specialists, based on the specific circumstances of each accident, which means that your chances of success are significantly increased. Whichever solicitors we recommend, they will be able offer to our clients the facility of a  no-win-no-fee agreement, so you won’t have to pay anything should your claim not succeed.

So, if you have suffered a back injury in a road traffic accident, get in touch with us today to receive a no obligation consultation with a highly trained and friendly advisor. They will talk to you about the circumstances of your accident and the injuries and other potential losses that you have sustained, as a result of the accident. If, after discussing the accident circumstances with you, we believe that you have reasonable prospects of pursuing a successful claim, we will recommend you to one of our expert  no win no fee solicitors, who will, with your agreement, get your claim for compensation underway.

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