Broken Arm

Whiplash and back injuries are probably the most common type of personal injuries that people suffer in road traffic accidents and car or van accidents. If we’re talking broken bones, then most people would think of serious head injuries such as fractures of the skull and broken jaws (which are not always just the product of high speed collisions). Fractured ribs and sternums occur when the seatbelt does its main job and prevents people going through windscreens or crashing their heads in to the person in front of them.

Broken arms aren’t necessarily the most obvious types of injury that happen in car accidents. However, the fact that the arms are not restrained by the seatbelt means that they can come into contact with dashboards, steering wheels, car doors upon the impact caused by a road traffic accident. Broken forearms particularly at the wrist are most common – much less so is a break or fracture of the upper arm (humerus).

In the mayhem of an accident were the driver or passenger of a car, van or lorry get thrown about as a result of the impact, you might not at first notice that your arm is broken or even that it struck part of the interior of the vehicle. You may have heard a snap or cracking sound, but more likely that the first thing you will start to notice is that you get increasing pain in the arm. Other symptoms may be;

  • Movement of the arm restricted or not possible
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Tingling or numbness

In cycling accidents or motorbike accidents, the potential for broken arms is all to self-evident and because both cyclist and motorbike riders are much more vulnerable, more serious arm injuries can and do occur with much more frequency, meaning that anything from fractured or broken wrists through to breakages of the lower arm bones (ulna and radius), elbow, upper arm and where the arm meets the shoulders (scapula).

There are literally dozens of ways in which a bone can fracture and many of them have their own associated complications and procedures. Some may knit back independently while others will require medical intervention to ensure that the patient regains the full use of the arm in the future. In the most serious cases it may be necessary to open the limb and then work on the fracture site. Pins, plates, screws, and other implements may be required to help address the fracture.

Trips and falls and accidents at work are two of the more common causes of a broken arm and if you have suffered a fall or other type of accident at work that has led to a fracture or to any other type of injury or illness then you may be able to claim compensation from your employer. After all, it is there responsibility to ensure that you are safe and able to complete your job with the appropriate safety measures in place.

Compensation for a broken arm sustained in a road traffic accident, accident at work or slip,trip or fall accident, varies greatly depending on the severity of the injury, with simple fractures of the forearm attracting compensation awards of £5280 to £16,830. At the most severe end of the scale (where injuries fall short of amputation being required but are nevertheless very serious with permanent life changing features), awards of compensation for the injury alone can exceed £100,000.

If you have suffered a broken arm as a result of a road traffic accident, accident at work, slip, trip or fall, then you may be able to claim broken arm compensation for the pain and suffering, additional complications, or loss of earnings that ensued. Call 0800 756 7774 or complete our Quick Claim Form on this page, to discuss your broken arm compensation claim with one of our extensive network of personal injury solicitors.


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