No Win, No Fee Holiday Claims: What You Can Claim For

Going on holiday is a treat to savour. Many of us save our pennies throughout the year to pay for a relaxing break on sunnier shores. In 2015, almost 14 million of us had a holiday abroad — but did we all enjoy our breaks?
Posted on February 27, 2017   By MIC_Admin

No Win, No Fee Holiday Claims: What You Can Claim For

Going on holiday is a treat to savour. Many of us save our pennies throughout the year to pay for a relaxing break on sunnier shores. In 2015,almost 14 million of us had a holiday abroad — but did we all enjoy our breaks?

Thousands of people experience illness and injury while on holiday, leading to distress and disappointment. If your exotic break is ruined by the actions of a third party, a no win, no fee holiday claim could be the solution you’re looking for.

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Common Holiday Illnesses to Claim For

Holidays are traditionally a time to let go — and that can mean indulging in second servings at the buffet. But, worryingly for British holidaymakers, 14% of us have experienced food poisoning while abroad in the past few years. Coming down with Salmonella or Campylobacter is a surefire way to derail your holiday, and they are both relatively common.

While food poisoning is a reality facing many holidaymakers, we should be clear that we do not make no win, no fee holiday claims against private restaurants. Our legal assistance is focused on package holidays, so those who have had a bad experience at the hotel buffet are encouraged to get in touch.

Injuries that Warrant a No Win, No Fee Holiday Claim

Going on holiday isn’t just about relaxing by the pool; you might opt for an adrenaline-fuelled bungee jump or banana boat ride to make your vacation as memorable as possible. These activities, though fun, are not without their risks. The companies that offer adventure sports should be adequately insured, but if you’re in doubt about their credibility, avoid them at all costs.

If you do suffer an injury during one of these activities and you believe that the company’s negligence was to blame, you could make a no win, no fee personal injury claim.

But holiday injuries are not confined to the adrenaline junkies among us — far from it. Slips and trips on wet hotel floors and injuries suffered on aeroplanes are far too common. Without proper signage and an attempt to resolve safety concerns, hotels could be liable to pay out for damage caused by their negligence. If the actions of a third party resulted in you getting injured, you could make a no win, no fee holiday claim.

And while many of us dread the flying aspect of our journey, we sometimes don’t realise the smaller dangers that aeroplanes pose. Tripping, when entering or leaving the plane, could lead to nasty injuries, and some unfortunate individuals have even had overhead lockers shut on their heads. The latter of these could be reasonable grounds to make afacial injury compensation claim. Contact a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor if you have suffered from a similar experience.

Could You Make a Car Accident Injury Claim Abroad?

Before you even begin driving abroad, there are a few things to consider. If you’re planning to drive outside of the EU — or you are a Brit from post-EU Britain — you’ll need an International Driving Permit. You can pick these up from the Post Office for just £5.50. You’ll also need to bring your UK driving license, so make sure it doesn’t get left on the kitchen table!

If the unfortunate does occur and you are involved in a car accident, take the same steps you would if it happened in the UK. Get the insurance details of the third party and take plenty of photographs of the scene. You should also consult the local authorities to notify them of the accident. If there were any witnesses, record their details, as they may be valuable later on.

Making a car accident injury claim abroad shouldn’t be stressful. May I claim can introduce you to no win, no fee personal injury solicitors in the UK and internationally, so you will get expert local knowledge, wherever your accident takes places.

How to Overcome the Language Barrier After an Accident

Being involved in an accident in your home country is traumatic enough, but what about when you don’t speak the same language as the other party? If you’re involved in a traffic accident and are looking to swap details, some basic knowledge of the local language could be helpful. Keep a phrase book on you at all times, or consider downloading a translation app for your smartphone.

Dealing with the situation could become more heated if there is a language barrier. Keep calm and collect the third party’s name and contact information. Once you return home, hire a personal injury solicitor to take care of your no win, no fee holiday claim.

For a free consultation about your no win, no fee holiday claim, get in touch with the experts at May I claim. We’ll approach your case professionally and sensitively, ensuring you get the guidance you deserve. Call us for free on 0800 756 7774 or fill out our simple claim form to get started.