Industrial Disease Claims

Even though every employer has a legal obligation to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of its workforce, some members of staff are more at risk from accidents and injury than others. For example, industrial diseases or illnesses can develop as a result of exposure to a dangerous substance, the use of unsafe machinery, the lack of protective equipment, or another instance of neglect.

If you have suffered from an industrial disease as a direct result of your employer’s irresponsibility, then you might be eligible for industrial disease compensation claims . This can be used to cover loss of earnings, medical treatment, travel expenses, or any other costs relating to your industrial condition or illness. 

Types of Industrial Disease

  • Asbestosis - Caused by breathing in asbestos fibres, which become airborne when disturbed
  • Chemical Injuries - When exposed to a hazardous substance in the atmosphere or through direct contact
  • Dermatitis - Caused by coming into contact with dust, chemicals, or enzymes at work
  • Industrial Deafness - Exposure to high noise levels for long periods of time
  • Mesothelioma - A form of cancer that only becomes apparent years after exposure
  • Occupational Asthma - This is often the result of someone’s working environment too and affects over 400,000 people.
  • Vibration White Finger - Vibrating power tools can cause your fingers to become white when cold or wet

Industrial Disease Compensation Claims

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