Medical negligence compensation calculator

When it comes to how much money clinical negligence victims can receive, a lot depends on the individual’s own situation. It is difficult to accurately calculate the amount of compensation you will receive if you or a loved one has suffered due to medical negligence. Every case is different with individual circumstances that are unique to each claim. These unique set of circumstances can affect the amount of compensation you may be awarded.

For a better understanding of the level of compensation for which you may be entitled, simply get in touch with one of our highly trained advisors, who will give you some free advice and a complementary consultation. Remember there is no obligation to pursue your claim with us after this discussion.

The claims process with Mayiclaim

We will get the ball rolling by assigning you a specialist solicitor based on your unique circumstances. This not only increases your chances of receiving compensation, but also allows us to offer you a no-win-no-fee agreement. Therefore, if for any reason we are unsuccessful with your claim, you will not have to pay anything.

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By enlisting the services of Mayiclaim, you can launch a medical negligence claim for everything from breast implants and birth injuries to healthcare associated infections and NHS mistreatment. However, you will need to contact us via our Quick Claim Form or freephone number 0800 756 7774 to find out whether you have a valid medical negligence compensation claim.

Clinical Negligence

Whenever you receive medical treatment or undergo cosmetic surgery, you expect the healthcare professionals tasked with these procedures to uphold their duty of care. However, some people fall victim to medical negligence, which can be extremely traumatic and painful.

Alongside trying to cope with your initial ailment or illness, which wasn’t put right in the first place, you must also brave the consequences of medical treatment that did not have the desired effect. Although this adds insult to injury, there is a framework in place that enables you to complain, seek redress, and claim compensation. 


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