Head Injuries

Approximately 1.4 million people require emergency medical treatment every year after having suffered a head injury and the biggest causes of such an injury are road accidentsTrips and falls are also a common cause but head injuries in road accidents are sadly, very common. Whether the head hits the steering wheel or is jolted violently back and forth it can lead to serious problems and additional complications in the patient. Often, the accident that caused the injury may not have been the patient’s fault.

It goes without saying that the head is a vital part of the human body and it contains many essential organs that we use in everyday life. As well as the brain, which is a major consideration when treating head injuries, the head is also home to the eyes, ears, and mouth. Injury to any of these can be potentially very debilitating and can lead to loss of work as well as a need for help in completing everyday tasks.

Head injuries can lead to massive changes in our lifestyle. A loss of hearing or a loss of sight, for example, whether partial or full, can mean that we have to make serious changes in virtually everything we do. What’s worse, brain injury and brain damage can take several weeks or even longer to become evident following road traffic accidents.

It is absolutely essential that you seek medical attention as quickly as possible because immediate medical intervention can make the difference between a recoverable injury and a potentially fatal one. If you suffer symptoms such as dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, or nausea following a head injury or a bang to the head in a  road traffic accident then you should seek immediate medical help. It really could save your life.

Car Crash Head Injury Claim Specialists

Because head injuries caused by road traffic accidents can have such a detrimental effect on a person’s life it is important that you claim compensation to help you recover fully or to help you cover the costs of a change in lifestyle. Call Mayiclaim on 0800 756 7774 today to discuss your case or fill in our Quick Claim Form on this page and we will assess your claim.


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